How to Choose the Right Roof Color

If you're installing new central PA roofing, you have lots of decisions to make. You need to find reliable contractors, sturdy materials, and a suitable time to schedule the repairs. But add one more decision to your list: What color will your shingles be?

Whether you're choosing shingles for your home or business, the color can make a big difference. It would be best if you considered not only how it will look but how it will affect your building.

No need to worry. We're here to help with a special guide to selecting a color for your new roof.

Reflect Your Style

Your roof makes up just under half of your exterior home, and it only makes sense that it represents the people in it.

With a vast selection of appealing colors and styles on the market, you can put as much work into designing here as you do your interior. Central PA roofers can provide you with a variety of options from bold and modern to sleek and traditional. Express your style on top of your home or office.

Energy Efficiency

It's crucial to remember that your central PA roofing color can affect your home's temperature.

According to the Department of Energy, dark or dull colors absorb 70% - 90% of the sun's radiation. That is transferred to your home, resulting in warmer temperatures. In conjunction with your insulation, the color can keep your house cozy all winter long without cranking up the heat.

This is also ideal as asphalt shingles that are typically darker are very affordable and popular. And with some of those harsh central PA winters, you'll be happy to have the extra warmth.

However, if you often find that your AC doesn't do the trick in the summer, you may need to look at lighter color options. Lighter colored shingles or tiles will support your home's HVAC to keep it airy and cool all summer long. Ask your central PA roofers for more details and advice if you're not sure what color will be best for your specific home's energy efficiency.

Matching Your Home

You, of course, don't want to choose a color that will clash with your home's current paint color.

In general, a neutral color is always safe. It works well and contrasts any color you currently have and is also a great choice when selling your home. Neutrals include black, white, gray, and beige.

If you have a woodsy log house or brown house, green shingles are a great way to recall natural, forest colors.

Want a bold look for the top of your house? Colors like blue, bright green, and red are growing in popularity. These typically look best with a neutral home color like brown or white.

Have Fun With It

Choosing a color for your new central PA roofing is an opportunity to refresh the look of your home's exterior. Still unsure which one you'll like? Asking your central PA roofers can make the process go more smoothly by giving you all the information you need to make the best decision.

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