Roof Insurance Claim

Central Pennsylvania is no stranger to roof damage. The area’s rainstorms, hail, and other conditions can cause problems such as missing shingles and leaks.

If you notice roof damage, you need to act fast. Neglecting it will only put your home in harm’s way and lead to more costly repairs/replacements down the line.

Of course, you don’t want to pay for a new roof out of pocket — that’s where insurance claims come in. Check out this guide for everything you need to know about filing one. With our expert advice, you’ll have a new roof over your head in no time.

1. Contact Reliable Central PA Roofers

Filing an insurance claim can be intimidating to do yourself. So, before you start, contact reliable central PA roofing contractors.

Central PA roofers can represent you throughout the entire process. Aside from completing the actual roof replacement, they can help you file a claim and negotiate on your behalf.

When choosing Central PA roofing contractors to work with, you should pick a company that:

  • Is licensed
  • Is insured
  • Has experience with insurance claim work
  • Will complete a new installation for the cost of your deductible

2. File a Claim

Once you have contractors by your side, it’s time to file a claim. Call your insurance company to report the damage. It will send out an insurance adjuster to assess your home and create an estimate.

This initial estimate will be relatively low compared to the actual cost of damages. To ensure you get the funding you need, have your Central PA roofing contractors present at the meeting. They will verify that the adjuster properly documents all damage to get you the most money possible.

3. Negotiate

The initial estimate from the insurance adjuster won’t be the final price. With the help of Central PA roofers, you can negotiate for a higher payout. This way, you will only have to pay the cost of your deductible to complete all necessary repairs.

Qualified Central PA roofing contractors will ensure the negotiation process goes smoothly by using Xactimate. By using this universal software program for insurance claims, they will show your adjuster that their estimate is fair and accurate. You’ll be able to cover all necessary repairs as the insurance company will have to concede more funding.

4. Finalize the Contract

Once your contractor and adjuster finish negotiations, you must finalize the contract. Sit down with your contractor to clarify exactly what they’ll be doing. Determine what work is covered by the funding from your insurance company.

Your contractor should put all of this information into a formal contract. Once you both sign it, they can start working on your project.

Wrap Up

When you need a new roof, don’t file the insurance claim yourself. Enlist the help of our professional Central PA roofers. Call us today, so we can start negotiating with your insurance company!