How Much Does a Shingle Roof Cost?

So how much does a shingle roof replacement for my house really cost? Cost and price are the two most common starting points for homeowners when considering a home improvement project. It's an important question, but realistic answers can be hard to find.

That’s because answering this question isn’t an easy task. No two roofs are the same. Still, we will do our best here to identify as specifically as possible the overall costs of a new shingle roof and the factors that drive the price up or down.


Three Main Types of Shingles

First off, let’s make sure we're on the same page about what type of shingle we are pricing. There are three main types of shingles on the market today.

3-Tab Shingles

Three tab shingles were one of the first types of asphalt shingles on the market and are distinguishable by the three distinctive cut-outs on each shingle. The benefits of the three tab shingles is its cost effectiveness and the uniform appearance after installed. Although still used today on some new construction projects, three tab shingles are no longer the most common shingle on the market. Today’s three tab-shingles are considered to have a 20-25 year life expectancy.

Architectural Shingles

Today, architectural shingles are the leading shingle installed on both new construction and re-roofing projects. Architectural shingles, also called dimensional shingles or laminated shingles, provide a random pattern that simulates that of a wood shake roof. They are made of two layers laminated together to form a single, dimensional shingle. The two layers of an architectural shingle makes it much heavier and more durable than three tab shingles. It has better wind resistance and a life expectancy of 30-50 years. Most property owners agree that architectural shingles have a better curb appeal.

Designer Shingles

Designer shingle types vary significantly in size, shape, and material type. They are usually designed to simulate tile or slate roofing materials. The benefits of Designer shingles are longer life expectancy and premium curb appeal.

Since Architectural shingles are by far the most common shingle used today, we will focus on them in the discussion of price.

How Much
How Much

What are the Factors that Drive the Price Up or Down?


The location of your property will affect the pricing on your shingle roof replacement. Labor and material prices vary throughout the United States. Also, applicable building codes vary depending on the climate. For example, Ice and Water Shield underlayment is necessary along the eaves of a roof in the North, but not required in the South where ice and snow are not usually a problem. This pricing guide in this article focuses on what you can expect to pay for a shingle roof replacement in Central Pennsylvania.

Roof Square Footage

Your Roof Surface Area is one of the largest factors in roof pricing. (Do not get this confused with the square footage of your floorplan. A roof has a pitch and therefore will be significantly higher square footage than your floor plan). It goes without saying that a large roof means more materials and more labor.

Here is a general sizing guideline

Small roof
1500-2000 square feet ($7000-$9000)

Medium roof
2100-3500 square feet ($10,000-$16,000)

Large roof
3600-5500 square feet ($17,000-$25,000)

Of course some houses are smaller and some are larger than described above, but this is generally what is true for our area in Pennsylvania.

Steepness of your Roof

The steepness of your shingle roof can make a significant difference in the price due to the additional labor needed to set up scaffolding and additional safety equipment. Work proceeds much more slowly when the pitch is steep. If your roof falls in the “steep” category, you can expect to pay $1000-$4000 more to cover the extra labor. On the other hand, if your roof is considered “walkable”, the removal and reinstallation of the shingles is more efficient and lowers the cost.


Just like buying a new truck or car, the accessories can make a difference in the price of your roof replacement. Several common examples of this include skylights, chimneys,  dormers, and other roof penetrations. As with the overall roof, the size of your skylight, chimney, etc. affect the actual cost. Here’s a price range you can expect.

Skylights usually cost between $1100-$2800 installed. This cost is usually higher if you're adding a new skylight, not just replacing an existing skylight because of the interior work that will be required.

Masonry Chimney Flashing and Counterflashing will add between $350-$750.

Other Items that add the complexity of your roof include: Dormers, Valleys, Counterflashing, and Step Flashing. You can expect these items to add $450-$1050.

Roof Access

Is your roof easily accessible? This is an important question that is overlooked when considering price. If you have limited access to the backyard because of a pool or fencing, your roofer will need to carry all the shingle debris much further by hand. Heavy and detailed landscaping that extends out from the sides of the house requires additional tarping and slows the shingle removal process. That said, don’t let a single project (once every few decades) stop you from creating the backyard of your dreams!

Overhead Wires that run close the house can also increase the cost of the shingle roof replacement. This will require the roofer to “hand load” the new shingle bundles instead of having them “roof topped” by the supplier’s crane truck.

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Finding the Right Roofing Contractor for you Shingle Roof

While this pricing guide can’t answer the question of “How Much Will My Shingle Roof Cost” completely, it provides a framework to start budgeting for a new roof. Keep in mind that price is only one of the factors you should consider when planning a roof replacement. Your next step is research! Search online for a reputable, local roofing company to provide you with a roof inspection and a final price.

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