Most insurance companies require homeowners to work with an official roof contractor. Equity Roofing team has the experience to direct you through the claims system for damage coverage.

If you need a roof damage repair or replacement, we will help you to file a claim for your homeowner’s insurance company. Our job is to minimize your stress and assure you that the whole process is done the correct way.

The insurance company can send out an insurance adjuster to assess the roof damage. The adjuster works with your insurance company and with us to determine the amount of damage and the cost of roof repair or replacement. In some cases, they might decide to replace the roof rather than repair it.

The process of filing a claim can vary by insurance company, but the main steps would be:
  • Call your insurance company as soon as you can and let them know there is damage to your roof and what caused it. Confirm if the damage is covered by your policy and how long you have to file a claim. If you experienced high wind or hail, but are not sure if your roof is damaged you can give us a call and we will do an inspection for you. Hail damage, especially, is not usually visible from the ground, but can cause leaks.
  • Take pictures of the roof damage and, if possible, pictures of what caused the damage. Here again, we can do this for you. The better the documentation of the damage the more likely the insurance company will approve your claim. We always take these photos before we start with any temporary repairs.
  • We will help you with the paperwork you need to file in for a claim. Submitting these forms is what initiates the claim process.
  • Save all of the receipts that relate to securing the roof from further damage and any repairs made by Equity Roofing.

You can count on Equity Roofing to tarp the roof or protect it in some other way until the full repair or replacement is made. We will start roof repairs as soon as the insurance company approves the claim.