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Roofing is one of the most important parts of your home. Because of that, you will need to find a roofing contractor who cares about your needs if you don't want expensive repairs down the road.

If you need a roofing contractor who is completely dedicated to both quality and service, Equity Roofing is here for you. Our contractors in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania are here to help you get high-quality roof replacements and roof repairs!

If you are in Scranton, PA, you won't find a team of contractors more dedicated to doing quality work with the best materials to ensure your home is protected for decades. Contact us today via phone or e-mail to get more information about our roofing services in Scranton, PA!

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Why Choose Equity

Why You Should Pick Equity Roofing for Your Roofing Projects

Equity Roofing has a strong reputation with verified reviews from other customers. Our roofing contractors are extremely courteous from the initial visit until the end of the new roofing project.

Equity Roofing is locally owned and operated, and our contractors do a professional job installing residential and commercial roofing - from asphalt shingles to flat roofs. Whatever your roofing needs are, we are here for you to guide you through the whole process of replacing or repairing your roof.


We Use Only Top-Quality Roofing Materials

At Equity Roofing, we agree that there is no good roofing service without high quality roof material. That is why we focus on partnering with manufacturers who share our values in quality.  We pride ourselves in the fact that we do our best work every time - for homeowners and businesses. If it’s roofing you need - Equity Roofing has got your back.


Our Services Come with Warranties

With a new roof from Equity,  you will be given a warranty for the work and the materials. With both a workmanship and materials warranty, you won't be left stranded if something does happen to your roof after our roofers leave.

We exclusively work with the best manufacturers who stand behind their warranties. If you want to know more about the specific roofing materials and manufacturers that we recommend for your roofing job, contact our office for extra information.


We Leave Mess-Free

The best part is - we won't leave a mess in your home or front yard. Our roofing professionals will finish a roof project and clean up - so you don't have to spend hours cleaning up after them. When we leave your home, you can start enjoying your protected living space immediately!

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Roofing Services
We Offer

Our roofing crews are experienced in providing various services to our clients - from installing new roofs to multiple types of repairs.

On top of that, if you aren't sure what type of roofing is the best for your house, our roofing estimators can help you pick out a color and style that looks the best!


Roof Repair

Over time, your roof can sustain damage from normal wear and tear. Roof repairs come with more affordable prices compared to complete roof replacement as long as the repair is completed before structural or interior damage is done. When you do see some damage on your Scranton, PA home, you should contact our customer service team right away.

If you leave your roof damaged for a while, it can sustain more and more damage, resulting in you needing an entirely new roof. So, if you see a tiny leak, give us a call as soon as possible to prevent further damage. If your unsure on whether you need a repair or replacement, let us know and we will inspect your roof and provide photos and information to help you make a sound decision.


Roof Replacement

Sometimes a roof repair won't cut it, and you will have to hire a contractor to install an entirely new roof.

Our expert team would never advise on a roof replacement if it's not needed - our goal is to provide our customers with the services that meet their specific needs.

We will sit down with you and discuss the best materials that suit your aesthetics and your budget. You will be presented with the costs, the quote on the entire job, and an accurate timeframe for the job.


Gutter Maintenance

Our residential and commercial crews can maintain, repair, or replace the gutter system on your personal or business property.

We offer custom gutter services for all our customers. We recommend aluminum gutters since they won't rust, making them a more sustainable option.

If you have trees overhanging your roof, ask us about the best ways to prevent your gutters from becoming blocked. We provide and install numerous types of gutter cover systems and are glad to explain the options that would work well for your home or business.


Free Inspections

If you home is hit by significant hail or wind, reach out for a complimentary roof inspection. We specialize in storm restoration, and can help you identify any storm related damage that merits an insurance claim.

Before the insurance company does inspect your roof, we can come and perform an independent inspection. We will take pictures of everything. Our team then can work with the insurance provider to help them understand the extent of the roof damage and provide a proper scope of work for the necessary repairs or replacement.

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Finding the best contractors for commercial roofing or residential roofing who will do a fantastic job for a reasonable price in Scranton, PA, may seem impossible. We understand and are not perfect ourselves. We are here to serve. We have everything to lose not to make you happy.

Our work comes with excellent warranties, so when we do make a mistake, you know we will make it right. As a property owner, there are plenty of things you need to take care of - let us help you with your roof!

Contact Equity Roofing in Scranton, PA, for a free estimate today!

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