Roof Damage in Harrisburg, PA

When homeowners imagine roof damage, they may think it comes from large storms or other inclement weather. But roofing can suffer damage from even mild weather — especially as time passes.

If you need roof repair in Harrisburg, PA, you can start taking action right now. Here’s what to do when dealing with a roof that needs some TLC.

What Causes Roof Damage?

The source of damage can be both big and small. Some potential causes include:

  • Strong winds or a windy season
  • Heavy rains
  • Aging
  • Time
  • Poor roofing installation

Signs You Need Roof Repair

Not all indicators of damage are noticeable at a glance. Gradual wear and tear can be tough to identify, while major storm damage is a little more obvious. Below we’ll detail a few warning signs:

Damaged Edges

In instances of strong or continuous winds, shingle edges end up with the most damage. The damage can be visible outside and weaken surrounding shingles, but it can also cause issues inside the home. If you notice any leaks, these damaged edges may be the cause.


Debris from storms or wind may tear up your roofing as they’re tossed around in the air. Serious instances may rip up your roofing entirely, but even mild cases can cause slight damage that builds up over time.


High winds or a particularly windy season can loosen the nailing on your roof. It allows for gusts of wind to blow between or underneath shingles and the decking, which can cause roofing to tear away.

Loose Patches 

A particular section of your roof may have poor decking or have loosened over time. These areas are particularly vulnerable to weather damage and need repairs immediately.

What Happens When You Ignore the Issues

Without roof repair, Harrisburg, PA homeowners can face serious (and expensive) consequences. These include:

  • Full roof replacement
  • Interior leaks
  • Peeling exterior paint
  • Mold and mildew build-up
  • Water stains and damage inside the home
  • High energy bills

To avoid all this, you’ll need to deal with roof damage ASAP.

What You Can Do Right Now

Roof Damage in Harrisburg, PA

For Harrisburg homeowners, your first task is to keep tabs on your roof’s condition. You can safely look for signs of damage from below, but we highly recommend getting an expert inspection.

Your next step is to tackle the issue right away. It will save you from much more extensive problems down the line, and it’ll certainly help your wallet.

For the best roof repair, Harrisburg, PA residents should leave the job to the professionals. It is both much safer and cost-effective, as you’ll secure pros who know what they’re doing.

Call for Expert Roof Repair in Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg, PA property owners always need to be aware of their roof’s condition. Even if there’s no apparent damage, getting an assessment from a Harrisburg, PA roofing expert is in your best interest. Maintaining regular upkeep is the greatest way to ensure you know exactly where your roof stands. It’ll help you evaluate present conditions and prepare for potential future costs.

Call a seasoned professional today. Whether your home has been through a fierce thunderstorm or you want to keep up with seasonal maintenance, you can save yourself stress, money, and bigger home issues by calling a Harrisburg roofing pro today!