Roof repairs

Repairs include tune-up, inspection, shingle replacement, leak solutions, and water damage remediation. We service all parts of the existing roof, including valleys, flashing, ventilation, skylights, and spouting.
The price of a repair varies based on duration and the materials needed to repair the roof. On average, a roof repair costs between $350 to $1000

Emergency Tarp Installation

Tarp installation helps provide temporary leak prevention in the case of storm damage. Timely service can avoid further water damage to the interior of the home. Again, prices vary based on the affected areas but are usually around $600 – $800. When the leak or missing shingles are caused by storm damage, these costs are usually covered by the insurance company when a claim is filed. We can help you through the entire process.

Problem-Solving Mission

Few things are as satisfying as solving problems. That is our mission–roofing remediation tailored to your specific needs. Problem-solving is also important behind the scenes, like helping you succeed in filing a much-needed insurance claim or responding in a timely manner when emergencies occur. We are happy to help even with small repairs.