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Your home or commercial property is one of your most crucial investments. That means you will need everything about it, especially the roof, to be of the highest quality. Thus, investing in a reliable roofing solution is extremely important, whether you goal is to keep your family safe or your customers or tenants satisfied.

Equity Roofing is a respected commercial roofing contractors in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Central Pennsylvania. We offer the highest quality materials for every roofing and construction project. Many property owners trust us in Bloomsburg, PA, for our professional service and consistent delivery of long lasting, commercial roofing solutions .

Whether you are looking for a new roof or repairs to your existing roof, we want to earn your work. We are looking to build relationships with clients, not just create sales. We are proud of all our completed projects as they represent our customers' confidence in our PA roofing services.

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We are proud providers of the following roof replacement and installation solutions in the areas we serve across PA:

Commercial Roof Installation

Every business owner understands the importance of their building's performance. Your roof is key to the integrity of the building and the day-to-day operations of your company. Additionally, the roof can play a key role in the efficiency of the building through reflectivity and insulation. We are here to make sure you have the correct options at your fingertips when roofing services are needed by your company. Our commercial roofing services include:

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Metal roof installation and Restoration

Metal roof restoration is one of the most popular options for many business in PA. While a full replacement of a metal roof can be expensive, a restoration system can fit most budgets. Choose from a 10 year or 20 year system warranty. It makes sense to restore instead of replace whenever possible.
Shingles Roofs

There are many benefits to using shingles on the roof of your Bloomsburg building. First, shingle roofing is one of your most cost effective solutions for a full replacement.

Second, with the right crews and the right equipment shingle roofing can be fairly fast and efficient solution to install. Third, shingles are one of the longest-lasting pitched roof options you have.
Single Ply Roofing contractors

There are many different types of membrane or single ply roofing systems. We specialize in three of the most practical solutions for flat roofing--PVC, TPO, and EPDM or rubber roofing. Each is a unique system with a unique price point. We'd be happy to explain the difference and provide you with options so you can make the best choice.

Roof Repair Services Pennsylvania

Leaking roofs on commercial buildings are frustrating and can affect your business negatively. We can help you make sure those pesky leaks are resolved quickly. A thorough roof inspection or an preventative maintenance program can help you discover and resolve leaks and other issues before they have a negative impact on you business.

Our team will offer advice for an appropriate roofing solution. We are the roofing contractors with the goal of service over selling. Why replace if it is repairable?

Roof Replacement PA

Still, sometimes a roof repair project may not be enough, especially when it costs close to the price of a new roof.

We will tell you when your roof requires a replacement and which materials are best for the job. Contact us and let's get a relationship started. We are here to earn your trust.

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Gutter Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance PA

Rusted, leaking, and cracked/clogged gutters are not only unsightly, they can cause building damage since they have a vital function for the your buildings water drainage system.

We are here to help with this as well. When replacing aluminum gutters, we use either a .032 aluminum that will not rust or sage. We'll install plenty of hangers to hold up to summer's thunderstorms and winter's snow load. You can choose either 5" or 6," depending on the size of your roof.

We are happy to show the benefits of using seamless gutters or gutter covers. We service Mountain Top, Bloomsburg, Berwick, Danville, and the larger PA community. As with roof replacements, we are happy to repair or maintain your gutters to help extend their useful life--instead of doing a complete replacement. Let us know your specific needs.

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Why Choose Us for Commercial Roofing in Bloomsburg PA

Our reviews are the proof of our focus on customer service. We are not perfect, but we care and will always do our best to make things right if we underdeliver.

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We Are Duly Licensed and Insured

Proper insurance and licensing is essential for a roofing contractor. The risks are high to allow someone without proper insurance to work on your property.

Equity Roofing is insured and registered with the state of Pennsylvania, so you can be confident in our team working on your property. Our registration number is PA 154015, and we are happy to provide you with our insurance certificate at your request.

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We Are Family Owned

As a small family-owned company, we take a personal interest in every project. Our prices are fair and our experience runs deep.

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Do not hesitate to call us and get an estimate. We can then discuss details unique to your project. We will recommend the best roofing option, that will assure you a long service life from your next roof.

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