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What do you expect from the best commercial roofing Scranton PA? For most people, it’s great customer care, high-quality materials, cost effectiveness, and reliability. Equity Roofing Contractors promise that and so much more. We have been serving this region for several years now with the goal of becoming your trusted roofing professionals.

Commercial property owners understand the importance of a safe, efficient, and up-to-code building. The last thing you want is to set up a bucket to collect water when it starts to rain.

That is why it’s always crucial to hire the most reputable Scranton building contractors. We are here to make sure you get exactly that. Equity Roofing is a commercial roofing company known across the region for offering roof replacement, roof repairs, new roof installation, and many other roofing services.

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Commercial Roof Installation

As a business owner, you understand the importance of a durable roof. Roofs of commercial constructions are different from residential roofing, which is why you must be very careful how you choose your roofing contractor. You want someone who understands different methods of working with a wide-ranging roofing products to deliver the best system for the roof design.

Equity Roofing is your ultimate solution. The roofing work we deliver is oriented to meet the roofing needs of the property owner. We deliver the highest quality work so that you don't have to worry about roof repairs for the maximum number of years.

We are experienced with the following materials:

  • Asphalt Shingles. Looking for a new shingle roof? We are here for you regardless of the size. Asphalt shingles are one the best materials for a pitched roof and are simple and cost effective to install.
  • Membrane Roofing Systems. There are many different types of membrane or single ply roofing systems. We specialize in three of the most practical solutions for flat roofing--PVC, TPO, and EPDM or rubber roofing. Each is a unique system with a unique price point. We'd be happy to explain the difference and provide you with options so you can make the best choice.
  • Metal Roofing and Restoration. We are Scranton roofing pros with great experience in metal roofing. Ask us how we can extend the life of your existing metal roof for a much lower cost then full replacement. Our metal restoration system, restores your existing roof through a seamless, energy efficient coating system with warranties of up to 20 years.
  • Membrane Restoration Systems. If you have an existing membrane roof, you may want to consider a restoration system designed for membrane roofing. As with a metal roof, an aged membrane roof can be renewed for an additional 10-20 years by using the cleaning and coating process we provide.

Our goal is to provide excellent roofing work that will last for a long time. We offer additional services to ensure complete satisfaction.

Commercial Roof Repair

Damages like cracks, leaks, and wind damage on commercial roofs are small issues that grow with time. They can cost your business more than what you may have expected and cause disruption to your business' workflow. Call Equity Roofing, and we will solve the issues as soon as possible. We are here to earn your trust and keep you safe.

Roof Maintenance

Annual inspection of your roof can ensure your roof's longevity. Our 17-point photo inspection addresses each of the potential problems that can arise over time

Our roofing experts will keep your roof in check, solving problems before they become major issues. When the time for a roof replacement comes, you already know you've maximized your existing roofing system.

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Why Choose Us?

There are many roofing services operating in the Scranton area So, why should you choose Equity Roofing? Here are the main reasons:

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A Family-Owned Company

We have grown up in the construction industry with a focus on roofing. It’s by no accident that we have become roofing pros Scranton PA since our father owned a residential construction company. When our father retired, Equity Roofing was built with a specific focus on roofing. The main crew at the begin was the band of brothers! We've grown since then with many additional employees, but still retain the family involvement and culture. Today, we have expanded to many other regions, including Dickson City, Clarks Summit, Wilkes Barre, and Hazelton.

entire process

We Are Fully Insured and Licensed

Licensing is an important aspect of trustworthy customer service in the roofing industry. A licensed contractor means they are authorized to offer services in that area after a thorough inspection. We are licensed in both Wilkes barre and Scranton and are registered with the state of Pennsylvania.
An insured company can assume liability for any damages that may occur during construction. This is a hazardous industry, which makes insurance very crucial. Equity Roofing takes these aspects very seriously to assure safety and peace of mind with every roofing job.

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We Are Experienced and Well-Equipped

We see every roofing project as an excellent opportunity for growth. That's why we invest in training and equipment to efficiently and properly complete each roofing project. Our roofers are experienced in a wide range of roofing systems– they are trained to deliver beyond-satisfactory results.

A Great Customer Service

At Equity Roofing, nothing is more important than our customers. We will do everything to keep you happy from the first contact until the job is completed. As a client of ours you will have the direct number of the ones in charge of your project. We strive to be the easiest roofing Company in Scranton Pa to contact when we are needed!

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We want to earn your trust. In commercial roofing, our goal is to develop a relationship with you and become a trusted resource in your contact list--a company you can trust to answer the phone and work with your busy schedule. Give us a call to get a free estimate on the commercial roofing solutions that are best for you. Keep our phone number handy, we are here for you.

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