How Contrast Transformed Their Facility with Our Commercial Metal Roof Coating

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Contrast Communications, a local business offering communications and IT solutions, was dealing with recurring leaks in their building. After several repair attempts with different contractors, the owners contacted Equity Roofing for a consultative inspection.


The Challenge:

The owners of Contrast faced significant challenges due to persistent leaks, which even caused damage to a tenant-occupied apartment. After multiple unsuccessful repair attempts, it became clear that a more permanent solution for the roof was necessary.

The Solution:

Stephen, Equity’s commercial project manager, presented three options for Contrast’s building, and they chose an acrylic metal roof coating. This choice was ideal for several reasons. Despite experiencing leaks, the inspection revealed that their metal roof was still in good condition, making it suitable for a coating restoration system. This coating not only extends the life of their existing roof but also comes with a 20-year material warranty and a 5-year workmanship warranty. Contrast confidently made their decision after a thorough inspection and discussion of the options with their project manager.


The Application Process:

The application process for an acrylic metal roof coating involves several key steps. First, the roof is thoroughly pressure washed to remove any dirt, debris, or existing coatings. Next, a primer is applied to prevent rust and ensure better adhesion of subsequent layers. The seams of the roof are then treated with mastic and caulking to seal any gaps and enhance waterproofing. Finally, the acrylic coating is applied using a spray method, ensuring even coverage and a durable, protective finish.

Customer Testimonial:

“The entire team at Equity impressed us throughout. Steve provided several options and guided us to make a decision that was best for our building. The communication and follow up kept us at ease. I highly recommend Equity.”



A commercial metal roof coating offers significant value by extending the lifespan of the roof, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing energy efficiency. Customers like Contrast benefit from improved protection against leaks and rust, increased durability, and potential energy savings due to reflective properties that reduce cooling costs. Additionally, a coated roof can improve aesthetic appeal and contribute to a more sustainable building by reducing waste from frequent roof replacements.


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