How to Install a Metal Roof: A Step-by-Step Guide by Equity Roofing


Why Choose a Metal Roof?

Metal roofs are a rising trend among homeowners for good reasons. They offer longevity, with a lifespan of up to 50 years, far outlasting traditional asphalt shingles. Their durability is unmatched, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, from hail to high winds. Moreover, metal roofs are energy-efficient, helping you save on heating and cooling costs. They also add significant resale value to your home.

What You Need to Know Before Installation

Cost Factors

The cost of a metal roof varies based on the material. Aluminum is a mid-range option at $4-$7 per square foot. Zinc, although expensive at $13-$25 per square foot, lasts up to 100 years. Steel is a popular choice, costing $2-$4 per square foot, while copper, a luxury option, comes in at $13-$25 per square foot.

Necessary Equipment

  • Roofing harness, safety goggles, and gloves
  • 12 and 24-inch metal squares
  • Chalk or pencil
  • Duckbill snip
  • Measuring tape
  • Rivet gun
  • Seaming tool
  • Panel hemming tool

Step-by-Step Installation Process

Step 1: Accurate Measurement

The first crucial step is measuring your roof's square footage. Double-check all measurements to ensure you order the correct number of metal panels.

Step 2: Roof Preparation

Remove the existing roof and inspect for any structural damage like water stains or sagging. Repair these issues before proceeding.

Step 3: Install a Drip Edge

A drip edge is essential for preventing water seepage. Place the vertical leg of the drip edge 1/4" away from the fascia to prevent wood rot.

Step 4: Panel Installation

Now comes the main event—installing the metal panels. Follow the manufacturer's instructions closely to ensure proper installation and to keep your warranties intact.

Step 5: Ridge Cap and Gutters

The final step involves installing ridge caps and gutters. Use a level to measure your ridge cap before installation to prevent moisture infiltration.

Why Choose Equity Roofing?

Equity Roofing is one of the leading Central PA roofers with years of experience in metal roof installations. Our team of Central Pennsylvania roofing contractors ensures that your roof is installed to perfection, offering you a long-lasting and durable solution.


Installing a metal roof is a significant investment but one that pays off in the long run. If you're looking for roofing companies in Central PA, Equity Roofing is your go-to choice for quality and expertise. With proper installation, a metal roof can offer you decades of protection and peace of mind.

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