How to Select the Ideal Commercial Roofing Contractor for Your Business


How to Select the Ideal Commercial Roofing Contractor for Your Business

Identifying Your Roofing Needs

The first step in any commercial roofing project is understanding what you need. Whether it's a full replacement, minor repairs, or a coating application, your project's requirements will dictate the type of contractor you should be looking for. At Equity Roofing, we specialize in a range of services, from TPO to EPDM roofing systems, ensuring that we can meet your specific needs.

Evaluating Contractor Expertise

It's crucial to assess a contractor's expertise by examining their portfolio. A well-documented history of completed projects can give you insights into their capabilities. This will also allow you to gauge whether they have experience with projects similar to yours. Equity Roofing, for instance, has a robust portfolio that demonstrates our proficiency in tackling complex roofing challenges.

Importance of Customer Feedback

Customer reviews can be a goldmine of information. Platforms like Google My Business and the Better Business Bureau offer unbiased opinions about a contractor's quality of work and customer service. Don't just rely on the testimonials on their website; dig deeper to get a more rounded view of what you can expect.

Questions to Ask Previous Clients

  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Were there any unexpected costs?
  • How responsive was the contractor to queries or concerns?

What to Ask Your Prospective Contractor

When you're in the consultation phase, make sure to ask the contractor specific questions about the project. These could include:

  • How many similar projects have you completed in the past year?
  • Who will be my point of contact throughout the project?
  • How are warranty issues handled?

Scrutinizing the Roof Proposal

A well-detailed proposal is a sign of a professional contractor. It should outline all the materials to be used, the scope of work, payment procedures, and warranties. A vague or incomplete proposal is a red flag and could lead to misunderstandings later on.

Verifying Certifications and Insurance

Ensure that the contractor is certified to install the specific roofing materials you've chosen. This is crucial for the validity of your warranties. Also, ask for their Certificate of Insurance (COI) and verify that it's up to date.

Making the Final Decision

After gathering all the necessary information, it's time to make your choice. Don't rush this process; take your time to weigh all the pros and cons. Remember, it's not just about the cost but the value that the contractor will bring to your project.

As one of the leading Central PA roofers, Equity Roofing is committed to delivering top-notch Central Pennsylvania roofing services. We pride ourselves on our transparency, expertise, and high-quality work, making us one of the most reliable roofing companies in Central PA.


Choosing the right commercial roofing contractor is a significant decision that requires careful planning and research. By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to finding a contractor that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


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